About Us

TVMediasystems is a company that focuses on technical services, maintenance, repair, analysis and installation in the field of telecommunications.

"After working for sixteen years in the telecom sector, the company I worked for unfortunately went bankrupt, during my working years at this company

However, I have built up a solid customer base that would like to outsource projects to me. In this way, TV media systems were created in 2007.


Due to the disappearance of the company where I used to work, a vacuum has developed within the telecom industry. I want to take full advantage of this vacuum

to take on various projects within this market.


Activities in the field of telecommunications are often short-lived and therefore lend themselves perfectly to being carried out on a project basis. This is also the

reason that this has become my way of working."

-Said Ait-el-Mehdi, founder of TVmediasystems