TVMediasystems provides solutions on a project basis in the field of telecom, internet, networks, satellite solutions and more.


We are a reliable partner for different companies and offer a wide range of services. Not only installations of new equipment and networks but also maintenance and repair in case of malfunctions or problems.


Would you like to know what TVMediasystems can do for you? Please contact us and we will gladly tell you about all the possibilities for your company.

We have completed successful projects for:


The solutions we offer are suitable for any type of company or organization. From hotels to hospitals and telecom providers, we have a suitable customized solution for every customer. Whether it's a small company or a company that needs a complicated and extensive network, we always offer you the best service and quality.

Thanks to years of experience in our company, we are able to deliver the best quality and the networks and equipment that you can use for years as a company. We also provide maintenance for networks and peripheral equipment and should there ever be a problem or malfunction, we will ensure that this is repaired as soon as possible.

This way you are always assured of a well-functioning and reliable network for radio and TV.

Maintenance- Repair

Our motto is prevention is better than cure, so we have annual check-ups with our customers. We do this to prevent high costs. Repairs are done on the spot if possible. If this is not the case, we always ensure that you are not without TV, Radio or internet.


We are ready for all our customers and even the customers of our conculeagues. Not only do we solve the malfunction, but we always go fast to the cause, for you of course favorable to avoid future disruptions. For this reason our failure ratio is low and our customers are satisfied!


For installation of a completely new TV or radio network on a satellite basis, you have come to the right place at TVMediasystems. We work on the basis of clear agreements, the best equipment, the best implementation and a very favorable rate.